Swimming Pool & Hot Water Whirlpool

Breath fresh air at the swimming pool to keep your body, mind and soul relaxed. Located in the lobby level, it is one of the best activities while business trip or holidays that everyone can get to cool off during the hot and humid days. Completed with mini water boom that will entertain the kids. You can also enjoy the hot water whirlpool open from 6.00 am till 7.00 pm


Grand Sunshine Resort & Convention provides much more than just accommodation during your stay including Healthy and Wellness Center for various treatment options, that makes the hotel a perfect place for business and leisure

Bicycle & Jogging Track

Grand Sunshine Resort & Convention provides facilities that helps to keep your body endurance during your stay like cycling and jogging track in a cool and green atmosphere.

Spa & Sauna

Pamper yourself at Green Leaf Spa with a wide range of treatments and make yourself relaxed, comfortable and healthy


Seldom you find a zoo in a resort, at Grand Sunshine Resort & Convention, the guest especially children can play and feed various cute animals, both mammals and poultry animals at our Sunshine Aviary.

Kids can see various animals including deer, sheep, birds, chickens, rabbits, iguanas and turtles.
They not only take pictures, can also interact directly with these animals.

This is a free for all guest facility.

Palm Garden

Located on the magnificent Hotel yard, Palm Garden (Bale Riungan) has an astonishing 1,100 square meters of picturesque grounds. An alluring garden completed with wedding chapel, wall climbing, instagramable spot and extends up to a multi-function hall for 400 persons, lined with palm trees and beautiful pond. With diverse recreational options and endless fun for kids, the venue is an all-inclusive paradise for business and leisure travelers of all ages.

Inhouse Family Karaoke Rooms

Elevate your passion by singing with family, relatives or colleagues by enjoying a holiday together at Family Karaoke Grand Sunshine Resort & Convention.
Location is on 3rd floor
We have four karaoke rooms with capacity ranging from 4-12 people


Billiards is a sports that is included in the category of concentration sports, so it is needed to be resilient and true mental understanding and must be supported by prime physical ability to be able to achieve higher. Cozy place like Sunshine Skylounge and playing with colleagues can make a great moment.